Simon Barfoot

Simon Barfoot Blackmore to Black Sea

Simon Barfoot invented his own charity challenge to raise money for Hope and Homes for Children and celebrate the twentieth anniversary of his company, Blackmore Ricotech. He raised £1,383 by cycling from the Blackmore Vale to the Black Sea – 2,300 miles, through 11 countries in 30 days on a recycled bike bought for £20.

“Travelling alone makes you very approachable and on my journey I was shown incredible, unconditional generosity – from people taking precious days off work to show me round their city, to putting me (a virtual stranger) up for free in their homes. Even the cars and lorries that overtook and hooted put a smile on my face when facing a 200km ride, battling into a headwind.

“I’ve known Hope and Homes for Children for some years now and the work they do around the world is amazing. This journey allowed me to visit two of their teams – in Romania and in Moldova – and to see the huge, huge difference even small donations can make to children’s lives.

“I would definitely encourage anyone to donate to or fundraise for Hope and Homes for Children because that sense of ‘making a difference’ is a fabulous feeling.

“I for one will be doing more… once my legs stop aching!”