Pledge your special occasion

Celebrating birthdays or other special occasions can feel a bit underwhelming at the moment.

But you can still make it a big occasion: pledge your day by asking friends and family for donations instead of gifts to help ensure all children have something worth celebrating—a loving family.

Pledge my special occasion now!

We’ll be with you every step of the way, just as we are for vulnerable children and families. By fundraising for your challenge or making a donation, you are helping to transform lives by keeping families together.

  • A new mum holding her baby

    Baby care pack

    A vulnerable new mum, with no one to support her, may feel forced to make the heart-breaking decision to relinquish her newborn baby to an orphanage. But no orphanage can provide the love that parents give.

    A simple pack of baby essentials—nappies, creams and baby clothes—could help ease the pressure on a new mum, giving her the chance to bond with her baby while we organise the support they need to stay together.

  • A young family receive provisions

    Community safety net

    The Coronavirus crisis puts families, already vulnerable because of poverty, at greater risk of losing their children to orphanages.

    £45 would cover the average monthly cost for a family support worker to be active in the community, identifying families most at risk of their children being placed in an orphanage.

  • Three children with their arms around each other

    Foster family support

    With the right training and support we’re making sure that foster parents can continue to provide safe and loving families for children, keeping them safe from orphanages through the Coronavirus crisis and beyond.

    In many countries, foster families receive little support from the local authorities. £189 would cover what it typically costs us to provide essential support for a foster family for a month.

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