There’s no place like home

For vulnerable children, Coronavirus isn’t just a health crisis but a very real emergency: they risk losing their loving homes and entire childhoods to the neglect of an orphanage. They need our help.

By joining us and Team Hope with friends, family or colleagues and taking part in one of the activities below you can help ensure children grow up in loving families, both today and in the future.


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Walk together and help families stay together

Take on the Walk for Children challenge, and step out daily for 30 days with friends, family, or even by yourself. Get sponsored to extend your commute, school run or dog walk—or just make a lunchtime stroll part of your routine. There’s no official start date, just begin when you can, and there’s no minimum fundraising amount (although £1 per day from each sponsor might be a realistic goal).

Make it more fun (and get more sponsorship!) by dressing up, and if you share your highlights on our Facebook page by the end of December 2020 you’ll be in with a chance of winning our Distance with Distinction award. It goes without saying, the crazier the better!

(And please don’t forget to stick to your country’s social interaction guidelines.)

Get started on JustGiving today!

Pledge your special occasion

Celebrating birthdays or other special occasions can feel a bit underwhelming at the moment.

But you can still make it a big occasion: pledge your day by asking friends and family for donations instead of gifts to help ensure all children have something worth celebrating—a loving family.

Pledge my special occasion now!

Share your #HomeComforts

Cook your favourite meal that reminds you of home, share it across your social media channels, and raise awareness of Hope and Homes for Children.

You could share your best snacks, a meal cooked by the kids or your most prized family recipe… Feel free to use your imagination, get your family involved and get creative!

When you post on social media, don’t forget to tag your friends and family so they can share their #HomeComforts too, use the hashtags #RateMyPlate, #StrongerTogether, #AlwaysFamilyNeverOrphanages and of course tag @HopeandHomes!

By joining Team Hope you can…

  • Jacinta

    Keep families together,
    helping children like Jacinta stay where they belong with the people who love them.

    It costs on average £600 to help a vulnerable family stay together when they face challenges like poverty, disability or discrimination.

  • Georgi

    Reunite families,
    helping children like Georgi come back to the people they belong with.

    It costs on average £1,140 to rescue a child from an orphanage and reunite them with their own family, supported to stay together.

  • Uwera

    Build new families,
    giving children like Uwera a place to belong and someone to love them.

    It costs on average £1,680 to provide a child from an orphanage with a new family, and support them to stay together.

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