What impact is the Brexit decision likely to make to your work?

The June 2016 referendum vote in favour of leaving the European Union does not change the fact that there are some eight million children confined to orphanages and other institutions around the world and that their situation remains intolerable.

Our mission, to be the catalyst for the global eradication of institutional care of children, remains wholly relevant.

We are confident that we now have the structures in place at a regional level to help us adapt to any changes that might take place as a result of Brexit. We are confident that we can continue to influence child protection and international development policy with the EU, and to secure EU funding.

Although UK international development charities currently receive over £200 million of funding annually from the EU, Hope and Homes for Children does not receive any direct EU funding and so will not be directly affected, as and when this funding is withdrawn. However, we are likely to see some increase in competition for domestic sources of funding but we are confident that our brand development work will mean that we are well placed to cope with this situation.

It is not yet clear what Brexit will mean for the UK aid budget but in any event we believe we are well placed to win increasing support from the UK Government.