Working with Families and Communities to Prevent Family Separation

Working with Families and Communities to Prevent Family Separation

The fourth in a series of webinars for anyone looking to make a positive impact by delivering or advocating for child care reform in Asia.

Hope and Homes for Children presents ‘Institutionalised Children in Asia: Covid-19 and Beyond’; a series of free webinars focusing on care reform within Asia. Designed for practitioners, policy makers, donors or children and adults affected by institutional care, these webinars will explore how we can make a hugely positive impact in the region for children without, or at risk of being without, parental care.

These free sessions are a timely follow-up to the recent Institutionalised Children Explorations and Beyond (ICEB) international academic journal, which highlighted some of the key elements, challenges and opportunities relating to alternative care for children in Asia.

Webinar 04. Working with Families and Communities to Prevent Family Separation
In this fourth free webinar, we’ll explore the growth of community work to help prevent family separation in two countries who, until now, have relied significantly on institutional care: Cambodia and India. As both countries strive to eliminate long-term institutional care, we’ll be speaking to two experts working closely with local communities and families to protect children, strengthen families and prevent separation. Join us and gain insights on the kind of community work being carried out, hear about the challenges they face, and see the emerging opportunities that can help communities thrive.

For this session we’re excited to welcome guest speakers from two organisations recognised for their innovative and holistic community-based approaches: Se Chhin, Deputy Director of This Life; and Subhadeep Adhikary, ‘Families First’ project manager at Child in Need Institute (CINI).

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We’d like to thank Allen & Overy for all their support delivering this webinar series. Photo © Amanda Vail