Night of Adventure, London 2019

March 2019

Emmanuel Centre, 9 – 23 Marsham Street, Westminster, London SW1P 3DW

This year’s Night of Adventure was a night filled with adventure, in aid of Hope and Homes for Children.

We want to thank the 13 incredible speakers, all sharing their tales of adventure with an audience of 900: each speaker was limited to just 20 slides to accompany their tales, shown on a huge screen. Each slide would automatically scroll forward after just 20 seconds. It was fast. It was furious, but, ultimately, it’s been a chance to be swept away to a world filled with adventure, all without leaving your seat!

We are pleased to share that the evening raised over £21k for Hope and Homes for Children in support of #FamiliesNotOrphanages, and has introduced so many new people to the incredible work that is being done with children and their families around the world.

Thank you all for your support! You are contributing to our vision of a world in which children no longer suffer in orphanages.


To know more

If you want to know more about Night of Adventure and about Hope and Homes for Children feel free to get in touch: email us at or call us on 01722 790111.



The adventurers

Alastair Humphreys – an adventurer, author and recipient of National Geographic’s Adventurer of the Year award for his pioneering work on the concept of Microadventures. Alastair will host the evening.

Rosie Swale-Pope MBE – the only person in history, man or woman, to have undertaken a solo, unsupported run around our world!

Kiko Matthews – the fastest female to row the Atlantic, solo and unsupported.

Family by Cycle – a family with three young children who enjoy cycling adventures.

Nics Wetherill – led a team of six British women who used muscle power alone to ski coast-to-coast across Antarctica.

Clare Dyson – a qualified Mountain Leader who recently completed an adventure in Cumbria with her pony, Pansy.

Sally Orange – an avid runner who completed seven marathons on seven continents, dressed as seven different pieces of fruit!

Jonathan Rider and Edmund Le Brun – completed a descent of the Oxus River in Afghanistan by packraft.

Mark Beaumont – a world record holder who now also holds the title for cycling around the world in under 80 days.

Arjun Bhogal – completed a 25,000km walk, from the UK to Australia!

Anna McNuff – endurance athlete and self-proclaimed ‘mischief maker’, Anna recently completed an unplanned, social media driven adventure across Europe.

Sarah Marquis – a Swiss adventurer, explorer and recipient of National Geographic’s Adventurer of the Year award.

Chris Jewell – an exploratory caver and cave diver who played a leading role in the 2018 Tham Luang Thailand cave rescue.

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? Images from our 2019 Night of Adventure – Max Turner Photography