World Refugee Day 2024 – For a world where refugees are welcome

June 20th is World Refugee Day. Read on for our need-to-know facts on the refugee crisis and how your generosity is supporting refugees in Ukraine.

Welcome to World Refugee Day – a day dedicated to the strength, courage, and resilience of refugees and forcibly displaced people.

This World Refugee Day, we’re standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the displaced children, adults and families of the world. Because we know that every child deserves to grow up in a safe, loving home. No matter where they’re from.

In celebration of World Refugee Day, this is a photo of support workers hold the hands of young children wearing bright yellow coats as they enter a border crossing zone.
Ukrainian refugees arriving at the Romanian border in May 2022. 
Ioana Moldovan / Hope and Homes for Children 

World Refugee Day Facts and Figures

What is World Refugee Day? 

The UN created World Refugee Day to raise awareness about the refugee crisis and people forced to flee their homes due to conflict, famine, or persecution.

This year’s theme is “For A World Where Refugees Are Welcome.” It’s a call to champion the universal right to belong – a celebration of home and family, no matter where you;re from.

When is World Refugee Day? 

People celebrate World Refugee Day every year on June 20th.  The whole week is jam-packed with World Refugee Day events and World Refugee Day activities.

Above all, it’s a day for raising awareness for refugees, understanding their struggles, and promoting actions to improve their lives. It’s also a chance to draw essential attention to the ongoing refugee crisis.

People warming their hands over a mobile flame-fuelled heater.
Displaced Ukrainians warming their hands on the Romanian border. Our emergency teams were on-hand to ensure families had everything they needed while on their journey to safety.
Ioana Moldovan/Hope and Homes for Children

What is the refugee crisis?

The refugee crisis is the ongoing humanitarian disaster that sees millions of people forced to flee their home. Whether it’s due to conflict, war or famine, the number of displaced people is continuing to rise.

Make no mistake – as parts of a global community, the refugee crisis affects us all.

The importance of family on World Refugee Day

At Hope and Homes for Children, we believe every child deserves to have a loving, family home. That’s why we’re taking World Refugee Day 2024 as a chance to advocate for refugee children – young people who’ve had their homes taken away from them.

Refugee children and family separation

When communities break down and people are displaced, families can be torn apart. Unfortunately, that means children are at risk of being placed into orphanages. This is especially true for unaccompanied children.

Without family to protect them, young displaced people can be abandoned, abused, or trafficked. 

When host countries don’t have the right set-up to care for these children, they often resort to institutionalised care. Refugee camps, detention centres and orphanages are all extensions of the institutionalised care system, which as we know, is no place for a child.

Two children sit in a blue tent on fold out beds. They're wearing beanies, scarves and coats – a symbol of children impacted by displacement on world refugee day.
Ukrainian children waiting on the Romanian border. Our teams set up support tents where children can find safety, comfort, and warmth while local authorities process their documents.
Ioana Moldovan/Hope and Homes for Children 

How we’re helping

This year, your support has helped us bring strength back to family all across Ukraine. UNHCR reports that one in three people in Ukraine have fled their homes. 6.3 million became refugees. And 14.6 million still need urgent humanitarian support.

As of February 2024, you’ve helped us support over 131,200 people, including 70,400 children. Children like Daryna*, Mykhailo*, Igor* and Nikita* – all of whom faced displacement in the early days of Russia’s war on Ukraine. Read their stories to find out how you’re helping.

An elderly woman wearing a blue coat is helped by a support worker wearing an orange high-vis vest.
A support worker supports an elderly woman along the border.
Ioana Moldovan/Hope and Homes for Children 

How can you help? 

World Refugee Day highlights the critical issue of the refugee crisis. However, displaced individuals need our support throughout the entire year. Here are some ways you can make a difference: 

  • Donate today: Your generosity’s helping keep families together in crisis zones. Thank you.
  • Get informed: Visit the UNHCR website to learn more about the refugee crisis.
  • Speak out: Share your support for refugees and displaced people on social media. 

We’re all members of a global community, a worldwide family. It’s essential to recognise that everyone deserves a home and a secure environment. Together, we can make changes For A World Where Refugees Are Welcome.

Two teenagers sit on a park bench, the sun shining behind them.
Daryna is just one of thousands of young people we’ve supported to stay safe throughout the war in Ukraine.
Ionut Stoica / Hope and Homes for Children

Thank you  

On World Refugee Day, let’s remember the importance of family, the importance of home. Together, we can say no to family separation – getting children out of harm’s way and back to family. 

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