Our family album

Georgi with his mum and dad, Bulgaria 2019

This year we’ve all spent more time in our homes, and less time with loved ones, than we’re used to. Family has never felt more important.

This photo album celebrates some of the many children who have been rescued from orphanages, and safely reunited with their loving families, thanks to supporters like you.

  • Kaloyan and Maria with their family, Bulgaria 2019

  • Caption: Kaloyan and Maria, Bulgaria 2019

    Twins Kaloyan and Maria were confined to an orphanage as babies because their parents couldn’t care for them without extra support. Now, with help from our team in Bulgaria, they are the centre of attention in the warm and happy home they share with their mum, stepdad and older brother and sister.

  • Caption: Georgi with his mum and dad, Bulgaria 2019

    Georgi spent the first six months of his life alone in an orphanage cot after his family was told they couldn’t care for him at home. Now that he’s reunited with his mum and dad, he has the life-long love and encouragement he needs to thrive.


    Georgi with his mum, Bulgaria 2019


    Georgi with his dad, Bulgaria 2019


  • Carrol and his family, Rwanda 2019

  • Caption: Carrol and his family, Rwanda 2019

    After spending two years fending for himself in the poor conditions of an orphanage, Carrol was finally reunited with his mum, dad and siblings. Our team in Rwanda ensured they had everything they needed to welcome him home and care for him as a family.

Child in an orphanage cot

Just two days before Christmas, Maxim, a three year-old boy with cerebral palsy, was taken from his family and left in an orphanage in Moldova. He spent two and a half years there, with no one to love or cherish him.

Maxim’s dad, Alexandru, had fought poverty and prejudice to care for his son but the authorities refused to believe he could meet Maxim’s additional needs on his own.

Child sat on an orphanage floor

It simply shouldn’t be this way.

Eight out of every ten children confined to an orphanage have a living relative who could, with the right support, provide everything they need in a loving family home.

And when this isn’t possible, we can still build new, safe and loving families for children through foster care.

A typical orphanage building

For many of us, Christmas just won’t feel the same without having our families around. For children in orphanages in Moldova and Transnistria, a cold and lonely winter will be even bleaker.

But together, we can ensure more children across Moldova and Transnistria are able to experience the safety of home, and the warmth of their family, like never before.

A wheelchair-bound child, alone in an orphanage

It costs us, on average, £1,140 to rescue a child from an orphanage and carefully reunite them with their family. Let’s make this Christmas the greatest family reunion for children who need it most.

A gift from you this year will go directly into funding our critical work in Moldova and Transnistria.

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  • Caption: Vasilica and Ecaterina with their mum, Moldova 2019

    Vasilica was only four months old when both he and his sister, Ecaterina, were sent to an orphanage because of disability, poverty and discrimination. But after a two-year battle, their mum, Ana, finally brought them back home.

  • Vasilica and Ecaterina with their mum, Moldova 2019

  • Caption: Cary reunited with her family, Rwanda 2019


    Caption: Cary reunited with her family, Rwanda 2019

  • Caption: Cary reunited with her family, Rwanda 2019

    Throughout the nine years she spent in an orphanage for children with disabilities, Cary was desperate to return home and be part of a family again. Cary’s wish came true at last when she was reunited with her mum, stepdad, brother and sisters to love and protect her.

  • Caption: Mihai with his mum and sister, Moldova 2018

    When Mihai lived in the orphanage, he had food and shelter but he was always hungry for love. With extra help, his mum Valentina is now able to bring Mihai and his sister up in a warm, safe and loving home.

  • Mihai with his mum and sister, Moldova 2018