“Someone to call mum and dad” – Uwase’s* story

Uwase* spent three years in an orphanage before making it back to family

This is Uwase*. Uwase spent three years inside an orphanage until people like you helped her get Back to Family. This is her story.

Meet Uwase.

Uwase was abandoned on the streets of Rwanda’s capital, Kigali, when she was only ten months old.

Police found her on the roadside, not even one year old, crying and alone. They couldn’t find her parents, so they took her to an orphanage. She spent the next three years neglected and ignored. 

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Young Rwandan care leaver holds her sister in her arms, now she has a family to be part of
Uwase spent the most precious years of her life alone inside an orphanage.
Jean Bizimana / Hope and Homes for Children

Alone and ignored

Inside the orphanage, Uwase was wasting away. She had a disability in her leg, but no one had time to help her. They didn’t even teach her how to walk.

Unable to move around, Uwase couldn’t play or join in any games. She was left alone and ignored. Just existing. Day in, day out. 

Sadly, orphanages don’t help children. They put them in harm’s way. Children like Uwase deserve love, support and family.

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Born with a disability, Uwase needed specialist support. Instead, she was neglected. Never taught how to walk.
Jean Bizimana / Hope and Homes for Children

A new home

Thankfully, because of the generosity of people like you, our team in Rwanda brought Uwase back to family. Your support helped find, train and prepare Uwimana*, a local mum, to welcome Uwase into her home as an adoptive daughter.

“I made the decision to take care of a child and invite Uwase to join our family – so she can grow up with brothers and sisters and have someone to call mum and dad.” 

Uwimana, Uwase’s adoptive mother.

After three long years in an orphanage, alone and neglected, Uwase finally got back to family.

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Uwase* with her mum, Uwimana*
Thanks to your support, Uwimana was able to get Uwase out of an orphanage and back to family.
Jean Bizimana/Hope and Homes for Children

Happy and loved

Today, everything’s different. Uwase’s growing up as a healthy young girl, surrounded by siblings, her parents, their love and their care.

“If she’d stayed in the institution, maybe she never would’ve learned to walk. She was always alone in the dormitory, with noone to take care of her. But now things are different. It’s such a joy to see Uwase so happy and loved in my family.” 


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Uwimana, left, and her husband, Gatete, right – Uwase’s new mum and dad.
Jean Bizimana/Hope and Homes for Children

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* Names changed to protect identity