A child protection emergency is looming in Ukraine.

Scenes from the border between Romania and Ukraine during the crisis. A child is being held by a man in a high visibility vest while it snows.

In the few weeks since the escalation of the conflict in Ukraine, the vulnerability of children deprived of family care – whether trapped in institutions or seeking refuge in neighbouring countries – is increasing by the day.

Before the invasion, Ukrainian children confined to institutions were already facing unacceptable neglect. Now, without a family to protect and care for them, they are facing unprecedented dangers. Many more are being torn apart from their families amid the chaos of the war.

One of our key concerns is the delay in establishing incentralised, cross-country information management system to keep track of the nearly 100.000 children from Ukrainian institutions.This lack of information is, in and on itself, life-threatening.

We are calling, along with our partners, for robust child protection mechanisms to uphold the rights of Ukrainian children deprived of family care.

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