A heartfelt thank you note

A refugee child from Ukraine on a train with a cup in his hands

Catherine Butt is the Supporter Fundraising Manager at Hope and Homes for Children

When the first reports of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine came on the news, like many of you, I was glued in disbelief to my TV. My first thought was for my Ukrainian colleagues – were they safe? And how long would that last?

I thought about what could happen to the children in Ukraine’s orphanages. Already vulnerable and frightened being confined in these orphanages, but now with the uncertainly and fear of war raging around them, what was life going to be like for them? Like so many of you, I felt powerless. 

Very quickly the whole team at Hope and Homes for Children galvanised around our Ukrainian colleagues, as well as those in Romania and Moldova who have been supporting the wave of refugees fleeing the conflict. We knew we had to get the message out there about our work and ask our incredible family of supporters for their help. 

And you responded, turning that feeling of powerlessness into action.

I’ve worked at Hope and Homes for Children as a fundraiser for nearly 8 years and I’ve always known and appreciated how dedicated and passionate our supporters are, but in this moment of greatest need, I’ve been blown away by the generosity and compassion of so many – some already aware of our work, and others just discovering what we do for the first time. 

And so I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you, and shine a light on just some of the incredible fundraising events and activities that have taken place over the last 6 weeks. We can’t thank everyone – although I did consider writing a very long list and posting just that! – but I hope you’ll enjoy reading about some of these efforts just as much as I did hearing about them as they were being planned and executed. 

Our emergency response in Ukraine continues and your support is going to be vital for the future in the aftermath of this conflict, just as much as it is right now. From everyone at Hope and Homes for Children, thank you so much. 

Deborah and Lilley

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Vale of Pewsey Support Group

Our wonderful support group in the Vale of Pewsey organise a walk every year to support our ongoing work, and this year was no different. Planned to take in the stunning White Horse and a quick bite to eat, nearly 50 walkers enjoyed themselves immensely.

The incredible students at St Catherine’s School are walking, running and cycling their way virtually from Guildford to Kviv – a staggering 2,458km! – to fundraise for our Ukraine Appeal. You can check on their progress here.

Rotary and Inner Wheel clubs up and down the country have been generosity fundraising and donating to our Ukraine Appeal, and to name just a few – the Rotary clubs of Ascot, Uxbridge, Rayleigh Mill, Salisbury, Long Eaton and Frome Selwood; Inner Wheel clubs of Margate, Maccesfield Castle and Basildon. 

You’ve also been fundraising online too. Justine from The White Art Studio sold 2 paintings and donated £400. Claire from @backmystitchup_design and Leonie from @leoniejaynedesigns sold bespoke designs on Instagram raising £1,000. 

There are so many incredible supporters who have put time and energy into supporting our Ukraine Appeal – thank you to every single one of you. 

Anne Brotherston and friends at the Best Foot Forward Walk; Tendring Youth Football Club; Lucy Hunt at St Andrew’s Primary School; Staff at Merchiston School enjoying some cake
(clockwise from top left) Tendring Youth Football Club; Anne Brotherston and friends at the Best Foot Forward Walk; Lucy Hunt at St Andrew’s Primary School; Staff at Merchiston School enjoying some cake

If you’ve been inspired to fundraise, let us know! Maybe you’re crafty and can sell some of your creations. Or perhaps you want to take on a challenge – why not join us on our upcoming Stonehenge Adventure walk?

There are so many ways you can support us right now, so click here to be inspired with more ideas.