BBC World Service puts orphanages in the spotlight

The important issue of orphanages was put in the spotlight again this week on the BBC World Service radio programme, The Conversation.

Each week, The Conversation brings together women from different countries who have shared similar experiences. In this week’s programme, Rukhiya Budden, Hope and Homes for Children ambassador, met with Hayley Kemp to share and discuss their different perspectives of growing up in orphanages in Kenya and the UK.

Institutionalisation is still widely misunderstood, with many believing it to be necessary, acceptable or even beneficial for children. But over 100 years of research demonstrate that orphanages harm children, not protect them. Over 8 million children are confined to orphanages around the world, often with catastrophic effects.

Hope and Homes for Children is leading the growing global movement to close the doors of orphanages forever. Instead, we fight for every child to feel the love and belonging of a safe family home. 

With an audience of 75 million people in every continent around the world, this episode of The Conversation gives prominence to the global crisis of orphanages and the issue of how we protect children without parental care.

Listen to The Conversation here.