18 October 2019

Leaving the gift of love for children

John and Anne Foster have supported Hope and Homes for Children for many years and have very kindly named our charity in their Will.

“In our view family is our priority so we have catered for our children and grandchildren in our Wills. But family is also at the heart of what Hope and Homes for Children is about—ensuring children can grow up in the love and protection of a family and not in an orphanage. When we are gone we would like to know that some much less fortunate children can look forward to enjoying the love and security which our grandchildren take for granted.”

Leaving a gift to Hope and Homes for Children in your Will has a lasting impact. If you would like to discuss this further with us please contact Joe Sutton, Head of Supporter Care, 01722 790111 or joe.sutton@hopeandhomes.org