03 December 2018

“We can’t leave the most vulnerable children behind”

Mark Waddington, Hope and Homes for Children CEO, visits Joseph and his foster mother, Faith, in Rwanda

Children with disabilities are far more likely than other children to be confined to orphanages and other types of harmful institutions. And once behind the gates of these facilities, children with disabilities are at even greater risk of neglect and abuse.

In the first of a new audio blog series, Mark Waddington, CEO of Hope and Homes for Children and Dr Lisa Cameron MP, Chair of the Disabilities All Party Group at Westminster, discuss why orphanages pose a particular threat to children with disabilities and what needs to be done to ensure that all children grow up in families, never orphanages.

In this first episode, recorded to coincide with the International Day of Disabled People on December 03, Lisa and then Mark explain why they believe it’s crucial to mark the event and raise awareness about the issue of children with disabilities in institutions:

You can also read Joseph’s story here