01 March 2019

5 ideas for fundraising activities with children

As a charity that puts family and children at its forefront, we know it’s important not to leave out our youngest fundraisers. Here are some of our favourite fundraising ideas for children.

1. Homemade jewellery and gifts

A chance to get creative and make some beautiful jewellery and gifts that you can sell to friends and family. When you’ve made a few you could also sell your pieces at a local fête or car boot sale.

2. Car wash

Get out the buckets and sponges and clean your family’s cars for a donation. You could even get your friends involved and make it a team effort!

3. Toy sale

Collect the unwanted toys that you have outgrown and sell them at a local fête or car boot sale. For those of you who are older and computer savvy, why not sell unwanted items on eBay (seek parental advice to assist with this).

4. Non-uniform day at school

Ask your teacher if your school can have a non-uniform day, where your class make a donation to go to school in their favourite clothes.

5. Gardening for neighbours

For the older children, why not visit your neighbours and offer to cut their grass for a donation?


Invite us to speak at your school

Do you want to learn more about Hope and Homes for Children? We know we will only realise our vision of a world in which children no longer suffer in orphanages by working with others. Through our many partnerships we are building a global movement dedicated to eliminating orphanages in our lifetime. We believe that with your support this really is possible to achieve. To find out more, request one of our ambassadors from our speaker network to give a talk on our work and how you and your group can help.

Help us spread the word about Hope and Homes for Children and the work that we are doing to give children a family, by inviting us to come and speak at your next school assembly.

Follow this link to request a Hope and Homes for Children talk.

We Can Help! Request Fundraising Materials

Our fundraisers are our family; full of energy and ideas: get in touch with us to share your amazing fundraising ideas! We’d love to hear from you!

We have a range of materials that could help you with your fundraising, including sponsorship forms, balloons, home collection tins, posters, information flyers and T-shirts. Do get in touch if there is anything we can send you to assist with your fundraising.

Ways you can get in touch:


Jacob and Leo Knowles took advantage of last year’s hot summer to do some fundraising. During the school holidays they set up a stall outside their home in East London selling homemade lemonade and fresh cookies, helped by their grandparents. The boys raised £27 for Hope and Homes for Children.


Thank you!

Thank you for choosing to raise funds for Hope and Homes for Children. By supporting us, you will be helping us to fulfil our vision of a world in which children no longer suffer institutional care.