Aime’s Journey: Rwandan orphanage to the UN

After 5 years in an orphanage, we helped Aimé move back home. With the love and support of his parents, he’s excelled at school and now advocates for other children in care. This week, Aimé’s speaking at the UN – for the second time.


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Hope and Homes for Children is at the forefront of a growing global movement to eliminate orphanages globally.


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Hope and Homes for Children is working towards a day where every child can grow up in a loving family. We know we will only achieve this by working with others. Through our partnerships with national governments, civil society organisations, international agencies, corporate donors and committed individuals, we are helping to build a global movement that will eliminate orphanages in our lifetime.

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Hope and Homes for Children is working alongside governments and civil society organisations in over 30 countries to dismantle orphanage-based care systems. Our transformation model is driving reform and laying the foundations for long-lasting change.

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We’re inspired by the courage and resilience of the families we work with. Here are some of their stories.


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