We’re inspired by the courage and resilience of the children we work for. Read their stories here:

  • Edin’s story
    Without our support, Edin's family were in danger of losing their children to an orphanage. Against the odds, they are now able to provide a real home for their children; a home where Edin can grow up feeling loved and knowing that he belongs.
  • Cary’s Story
    Cary was only seven when her mother left her in a remote orphanage for children with disabilities in Rwanda because she could no longer cope without support.
  • Hope for Viorel and his family this Christmas
    No one wants to have their photo taken when they’re at rock bottom. And sadly, this Christmas in Romania, Viorel and his family are in a desperate situation.
  • Baby in the bushes
    Gihozo is four years old and is the apple of her family’s eye, but as a small baby the authorities insisted she was given up to an orphanage. Her story explains why.
  • Fiona and Patience: how poverty pushes children into orphanages
    Fiona is a loving mother who is struggling against enormous odds to keep her daughter, Patience, from life in an orphanage.
  • Giselle’s story
    Giselle was born with multiple disabilities and spent the first five years of her life ignored and neglected in a crowded orphanage in Rwanda.
  • “Without help, I would not have been able to keep my son.” Ivo’s story
    When Ivo was born, his family had nowhere permanent to live and no income. Without help, his mother, Tatyana, thought she might have to leave her son in an orphanage.
  • “He will make you smile more than he will make you cry:” Georgi’s story
    Petya and Ivan Petrovi had spent years longing for a second child. But when their son, Georgi, was born in October 2012, the midwives and doctors at the hospital behaved as if something terrible had happened.
  • A new future: Shima’s story
    Shima was born with multiple disabilities and abandoned as a baby. He spent the first years of his life alone in a cot in a loveless orphanage.
  • She is my life: Azra and Alma’s story
    Azra Čaušević is a happy, high-spirited little girl who lives with her mother, Alma, in a village in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • Growing up together: Gloria’s story
    Without the support of Hope and Homes for Children though, it’s very likely that Gloria and her sisters would now be living in an orphanage, separated from each other and from their mother, Rada.
  • Home at last for Christmas: Maxim’s Story
    Maxim is 16 years old and has spent most of his life trapped in Ukraine’s vast and loveless network of children’s institutions.