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Making history in Rwanda

Making history in Rwanda

13 July 12

We are delighted to announce the official closure of the Mpore PEFA Institution, setting Rwanda on course to become the first African nation to close all of its institutions for children.

Hope and Homes for Children was invited by the Government in 2010 to help implement its vision for orphaned and vulnerable children. We then set to work on a pilot project to close the Mpore PEFA institution in Kigali, move the children into family-based care and subsequently pave the way for extensive reform across the country. The pilot project has been so successful that the Government has committed to close all of the remaining 33 institutions, housing over 3,300 children.

In total, 51 children have been moved out of Mpore PEFA; 16 children were reintegrated with their birth parents, 10 children were reintegrated with their extended families or placed in kinship care within their communities, 20 children were placed in foster families or adopted in Rwanda and five young adults were supported to live independently.

Six year old Agnes is one of the children moved from Mpore PEFA. Abandoned as a baby, Agnes was taken to the institution where she soon deteriorated and when we began work at Mpore PEFA in 2011, Agnes had been there for two and a half years.  She was visibly weak, malnourished and would often sit alone crying. We immediately set about tracing her family and within a few months had moved Agnes from Mpore PEFA and supported her to live in her grandmother’s home.

Since Agnes left the institution we have carefully monitored her progress and the transformation has been clear. Her health has improved, her speech has rapidly developed and altogether she is a happy, open and confident girl. Her grandmother was surprised at the extent of the change in Agnes, “I am completely amazed at the positive change in Agnes and I am very happy to see her and to have her in my house. She has become very happy and comfortable.”  

Innocent Habimfura from our Rwanda team commented on the success of the project, “The positive change I have seen in children within a short period after they have been living in a family makes me feel a strong need to rescue all children in institutions. I am grateful to our supporters who have allowed children living in Mpore PEFA to enjoy this undeniable right: the love of a family.”

Thanks to our supporters we have given children like Agnes a family and a future.  

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Did you know?

Did you know?

When we began work in Romania in 1998 there were 100,000 children trapped in institutional care. Today the figure is less than 9,000 and the Romanian Government has committed to working with us to close every state run institution.

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