What is the alternative to orphanages?

High quality family-based care has been proven to provide far better outcomes for children and communities and is more cost effective than orphanages. With the right support children who live in orphanages can be safely and successfully returned to their birth families or extended families; they can join loving foster families or, if they are old enough, they can be supported to live independently.

Hope and Homes for Children is recognised as a global expert in the field of deinstitutionalisation. By closing orphanages, supporting children into loving families and preventing family break down, we are working towards a day where orphanages have been eradicated for good.

We know we can only hope to achieve this by working with others. Through our partnerships with national governments, civil society organisations, local NGOs, international agencies, corporate donors and committed individuals, we are building a global movement that will eradicate orphanages in our lifetime.