What proportion of your money is spent on administration and fundraising? 

For every £1 we spent in 2015, 81p went on our work with children and families. For every £1 we spent on fundraising, we raised £4.94. For every £1 we spend, we leverage an additional £12 from governments and funding bodies.

The proportion of our income that we spend on programmes has fallen slightly in the last two years and the proportion we  raise in relation to the amount we spend on fundraising has risen slightly too. This is because we are making a considerable investment in developing new, sustainable funding streams to support our strategic objectives.

Wherever possible though, we are seeking funding to invest in growth that is separate to the funding for our programmes work. Our performance, both in terms of the proportion of money we spend on programmes and the cost of our fundraising activities in relation to the sums raised is still above average for the UK charitable sector.