Night of Adventure 2017

Thank you to all of those who attended Night of Adventure on Tuesday 7 March.

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The Night of Adventure series will be making a special appearance at Canary Wharf on Thursday 23 March 2017. For more information and to book your tickets, please click here.

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The 2017 line up (7th March event)

Alastair Humphreys – an adventurer, author and recipient of National Geographic’s Adventurer of the Year award for his pioneering work on the concept of Microadventures. Alastair will host the evening and share stories from his recent adventure, busking through Spain.

Richard Parks – an extreme environment athlete and TV personality who has taken on the world’s toughest summits.

Elise Downing – a keen long-distance runner who recently completed 5,000 miles self-supported around the coast of Great Britain.

Shilpika Gautam – led team GangesSUP to complete the world’s first stand-up-paddleboarded descent of the river Ganges in India, with the purpose of using adventure to empower awareness for cleaner water.

Benedict Allen – established as one of the world’s leading adventurer-explorers, best known for taking on extreme journeys in remote communities.

Lars Simonsen – a family man who shares his love of travel and adventure with his wife and two children, fulfilling their dream to explore some of the far corners of the globe.

Oli Steeds – a leading explorer, journalist and TV presenter who directed a unique undersea adventure.

Sarah Little and Lilly Quinn – travelled the USA together, spending nothing from the moment they stepped off the plane.

George Mahood – an award-winning writer who took on Land’s End to John O’Groats, with a twist.

Anne-Laure Carruth – a creative explorer who completed an artist adventure in the Middle East.

Holly Budge – a double world-record holding adventurer, mountaineer and motivational speaker, Holly is the first woman to skydive Mount Everest.

Pip Stewart – a journalist and adventurer who recently crossed the remote Amazon basin by bike and boat to highlight the impact of deforestation on indigenous tribes.


CREATE YOUR OWN adventure!

We are looking for likeminded adventurers, like you, to take on a personal challenge or adventure of your own to support the work of Hope and Homes for Children. Whether it is a wild sleep out with your friends and family, or an extreme cycle overseas, we are here to help make it happen.

Looking for inspiration? Why not try one of these…


#1 Chase the Horizon – Look out your window, pick a spot and get there. No matter what. The trickier the route the greater the adventure!

#2 Wild Camp – Beds are overrated! Get a group together, pack your bivvy bags and have a night under the stars.

#3 Catch the Worm – Round up some of your colleagues, set out early and take a hike up a hill. Reach your destination in time for the sunrise.

#4 Reclaim the Night – No time for adventure? Think again. Plan a night time adventure!

#5 Walk 500 miles – Ok, so maybe not literally. But you could plan a great walking route and set out to complete the journey in a record time. Alternatively, see how far you can go and get sponsored for the miles that you cover.

#6 Penniless – How many days/how many miles can you go without spending any money?

#7 The Daily Commute – Bored of the monotonous journey into the office? Well, change it! Find a unique way to travel in and get your friends and colleagues to sponsor your efforts – the more adventurous you are the better!

#8 Step Outside Your Comfort Zone – What do you fear? What have you never done? Why not stretch those adventure muscles and try something new and exciting.

#9 A Family Adventure – Get everyone involved. You are never too young/old for an adventure.

#10 Take on the Extreme – Why not push your limits and take on something big! A cycle across Europe, an ocean journey across the pond, an arctic expedition or even an extreme mountain summit!


The possibilities are endless…

We want to hear from you! Get in touch at or by calling 01722 790111.

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