Blog posts

  • Rediscovering the power of stories
    I’ve always loved stories. I remember lying in bed spellbound as my parents read The Adventures of the Wishing Chair and The Wind in the Willows.
  • Where have the children gone?
    Lourenza Foghill updates on Hope and Homes for Children's work in South Africa and our unique pilot project to close three orphanages in Gauteng Province.
  • Family matters
    Actor & writer Ruth Jones, one of the celebrities taking part in our annual Carol Concert in Kensington, London, talks about why family matters to her.
  • Take a break
    Malcolm and Jo Rolfe have been loyal friends of Hope and Homes for Children since our earliest days. Earlier this year, they discovered a less conventional way to increase their support for Hope and Homes for Children – by going on holiday.
  • People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it
    Hope and Homes for Children CEO Mark Waddington discusses progress towards pan-African reform of child protection.
  • Building momentum in Latin America
    Victoria Martin, our Regional Advisor for Latin America and the Caribbean, describes the challenge we face in ending the institutionalisation of children in Latin America and the exciting developments.
  • Part 2: A place to call home, people to call family
    Stephen Ucembe explains how he beat extraordinary odds to train as a social worker and dedicate his professional life to defending children's rights
  • Part 1: A place to call home, people to call family
    Stephen Ucembe is our Regional Advocacy Manager in East and Southern Africa. Here, he gives a personal account of his childhood growing up in institutional care.
  • It’s good to volunteer – but not in orphanages
    Dr Delia Pop, Director of Programmes and Global Advocacy, discusses the problems with voluntourism

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